Break Free from Stress and Fear Online Video Course and Toolkit
Have you ever lost it and yelled at your kids when they played up even though you totally didn't mean to?

Outbursts like these DON'T happen because you're a bad parent!

Often it comes down to hidden trauma that's getting in the way of your parenting.
This short course will help you break free from fear-based parenting practices and start your healing journey, so you can build a happier relationship with your child.

Sometimes, we might not even realize that we've experienced childhood

trauma. It could be hidden in our subconscious. 


You may have been raised with fear and punishment. You know you don't want that for your child. 

It is possible to NOT repeat your parents’ mistakes and negative habits, and bring more positivity, peace, and harmony in your family. You can create your loving home and be a calmer parent with the right guidance and support.

This short course, Break Free from Stress and Fear, can help you...

uncover what's behind the guilt, stress, and self-blame you feel as a parent

break free from the fear-based parenting you may have grown up with or that others say you need to do

start your healing journey

About Your Course Instructor

Dr. Victoria is a pediatrician specializing in child development and behavior, parent coach, author, speaker, podcast host, and mom. It's her mission to help loving parents like you release your parenting guilt and break free from the fear-based parenting you may have experienced.

Victoria Ang-Nolasco, MD
your course instructor and author of The Discerning Parent's Guide to Toddler Behavior: From Power Struggles to Connection
Who This Course is For
This course is designed for parents who...

have experienced fear-based, authoritarian, or dictatorship-style parenting while growing up, and know they don't want this for their kids

receive criticism from others when they practice positive parenting or gentle parenting

want to break free from the fear, stress, and guilt, so they can have a stronger, happier relationship with their kids

If one or more of these resonate with you, this course is for you.
What's Included in This Course

You'll get three short but action-packed modules. Each module is divided into 3-4 practical and easy-to-get through video lessons. For your convenience, the text and closed captions are available, as well as audio files that you can download for easy listening on the go.


Is hidden trauma getting in the way of your parenting? Why do we feel stressed or angry even if we keep telling ourselves to respond more gently or lovingly?


Release yourself from parenting guilt and from constantly second-guessing yourself, wondering whether you're doing it right. 

Break free from fear-based parenting practices. Start your healing journey with meditation and mindfulness strategies.

What moms like you have said about Dr. Victoria's other courses
Worth every penny

I can't thank you enough, especially with the plethora of internet noise about toddler development. Thank God I found this! Honestly, I was hesitant at first, because I had already bought another course. But your course is worth every penny! I wish I had this back when my baby was six months old. I could have saved a lot on his toys.


I'm learning to trust my mom instinct

Wonderful and helpful! I appreciate that you share your own struggles as a toddler mom. It's so relatable. I'm learning to trust my mom instinct instead of what social media says my toddler should be doing. You are an encouragement!


Create the loving home you've always wanted, starting today.
Let this be your gift to yourself, that will also create a ripple effect to your kids, family - and future generations.

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