Is your baby about to start solids?
Make introducing solids easy and enjoyable
Get this on-demand pediatrician-guided course, so you transform mealtime struggles into happy eating.

Introducing solids to your baby can be stressful.

You feel overwhelmed with uncertainty, with hundreds of questions popping into your mind.

How do you start? 

What is the best amount to give at one time? 

How do you know if your baby is ready? 

Not to mention how challenging it is to find the right information when everyone is 10 saying different things! 

All this scares you because you don’t want to harm your child. You see all these cute videos of babies eating solid foods easily but… When you tried it with your child… The gagging freaks you out. 

So you decided to give a puree, and now you feel guilty for not following all the "baby's first foods" graphics you see all over Instagram or Pinterest. 

Look, I know you’re worried about your baby. And it doesn't have to be this way.



A life-changing course created by a pediatrician mom, to help you start solids worry-free. 

Get actionable steps to start feeding real food to your baby safely, without worrying about gagging or choking. Not just that, you’ll say goodbye to the mom guilt when it comes to feeding.

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside:

Discover the signs that baby is ready for solid food

Uncover the answer to the questions, "But is my baby eating enough?"

Learn what foods to feed your baby - guilt-free - if the apple sticks and broccoli florets aren't working for you

Discover what liquids babies need - and don't need - in their diet (ex. Do you need to get baby in on the juicing craze?)

Get clarity on what to do in the first 30 days of feeding solid food - and when and how to make progress

Unlock easy food recipes for your baby

Learn how to use positive parenting in feeding, so start your baby on a lifetime of healthy eating

Get a plan for handling difficult situations, like criticism from family over what your baby is eating

Four Exciting Steps in Starting Solids

Step 1: Get ready to feed

Step 2: Start solids

Step 3: Discover joyful mealtimes

Step 4: Progress to regular food

This is not like other courses on baby feeding.
You won't need to feed your baby anything they're not ready for developmentally.

We focus not only on the food, but on the entire feeding relationship - so that mealtimes are a happy experience.

We acknowledge that starting solids isn't a perfect experience, and guide you on what to do when that happens.

...all for only $19

Starting solids isn't just about the food you give.

It's about building a relationship with your baby, that shapes their eating habits for life.

And you don't do that by being stressed following rigid "should" and "should not's" that may not take into account baby's developmental stage.

Here's what you get

Instant and lifetime access to the Feeding Baby Right on-demand video course. You can watch right now and get your pressing questions answered, then go back whenever you need to and whenever it works for your mommy schedule.

Both text and video explanations, as well as a downloadable PDF guide with the course summary, so you can access what you need in the format that works best for you

Strategies that take you from preparing to start solids (4-6 months), all the way to progressing feeding during the next few months, and even handling common feeding issues during the toddler years

Plus these bonuses...

Get support from our students-only Facebook group, where you'll find like-minded moms who also practice positive parenting and developmentally appropriate strategies.


Get our printable pediatrician-created PDF guide. Includes sample menus and a first foods calendar which can save you hours of planning and research. 


Make mealtimes more fun - and help baby learn too! - with the fun and easy activities in this PDF guide.

"Helpful and learned (and unlearned) a lot!"

Hi! I'm Dr. Victoria, and it's my mission to help you find calm and joy in parenting - including in starting solids.

In our family, food is a love language. I've personally observed how starting solids is a joyful and exciting time. That's why I felt sad when I see misinformation from the internet or criticism from others turning what should be a joyful time into a stressful one.

This is why I created the course Feeding Baby Right. Along with my pediatrician friends Dr. Genevieve Yap, Dr. Nadine Zambrano, Dr. Faith Alcazaren, and Dr. Sarah Makalinaw, we've brought you this combined course and toolkit to take the stress out of feeding your baby.

Questions you might be asking yourself right now...
  • I've already read books and seen a lot of stuff on feeding from the internet. Why do I need this?
    Many reasons!

    (1) A lot of the information about feeding from the internet will insist that there's only one right way to feed your child. They will say things like, if you feed a puree, you're doing it wrong, and you're just "not trying hard enough with baby led weaning".

    In contrast, this course acknowledges that every baby is different. We teach you how to safely introduce solids in a way that's right for your baby and respects where they are right now.

    (2) A lot of the information about feeding focuses only on the food. What food to give and how to prepare it.

    But feeding is SO MUCH MORE than that! We will show you how the principle of responsive feeding (which has been proven by multiple research studies!) will get your baby started on the path to good health, and prevent many feeding issues.

    (3) With all the conflicting information out there, how do you know which to trust? And how do you actually put it all together without needing to consult 23 different websites each time you feed your baby?

    We've put it all in a concise, practical, easy to follow, step by step plan. So you're guided. We even have a menu for the first 30 days, in case you want to follow it.

    We also share with you the latest evidence about feeding and how it applies to you in practical terms.
  • I don't have a spare minute as a busy mom! How will I have time to do this?
    If you're here, it's likely you've already been spending time searching for solutions on how to start solids. This course will save you from hours of wasted time - not to mention stress or frustration!
  • I've already started solids and I'm having difficulty. Will this course still help me?
    Yes! In fact, we address even challenges for the early toddler years such as picky eating. This course may help you uncover possible reasons behind the challenges you're facing.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    If you feel you haven't learned anything new from the course, email us within fourteen (14) days and we'll give you a refund.

    We're confident however that you'll walk away with something new - because we don't see anything else out there that approaches feeding in this way (see the answer to the first question above!).

Here's how you'll feel after Feeding Baby Right

Early experiences matter in your baby's development. We want you to enjoy this exciting time of starting solids, instead of feeling stressed and guilty about it (and imprinting in your baby's brain that eating is something to be worried about!).

Never again feel anxious about feeding solids to your baby, and instead gain the confidence that comes from having science-backed strategies.

Say goodbye to mom guilt that affects the feeding relationship you're building with your baby

Actually enjoy meals with your baby and your family, instead of constantly worrying that you're doing something wrong

Get your baby started on the path to good health and a lifetime of having a healthy relationship with food

Start your baby on a healthy relationship with food, while making it easy for you and fun for the whole family.

The confusion, overwhelm, and anxiety end here. Get this pediatrician-created course to guide you in feeding your baby.

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