250+ Fun Toddler Learning Activities

Save yourself the frustration of activities that aren't right for your child. Instead, get these specially selected activities that are all you need for your child's toddler years.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just...

Connect with your child and have special bonding times as you play

Give your child a variety of holistic learning experiences - language, movement, social, emotional, problem solving, and more!

Save time and energy - no need to research or prepare (everything is laid out for you conveniently)

If you've tried other "toddler activities" before and they didn't work for you, here's why. Many "toddler activities" are simply activities for older kids, repackaged and marketed to parents of toddlers! You need guides that are created uniquely with toddler development in mind

These are common "toddler activities" you'll find on the internet. But many parents try them and find they don't work!

They may be great for older kids. But why are they NOT for toddlers?

NOT safe - these are choking hazards!

sitting for activities like these will take time away from other more vital activities your child needs more

too many steps for a toddler to complete

may be frustrating - parents often find they spend more time preparing and cleaning up rather than actually enjoying the activity

Not to mention - have you ever actually tried  to get a 1-2 year old to sit and do these? Many parents say they were actually the ones who did all the work - defeating the very purpose of toddler activities!

What's different about 250+ Fun Toddler Learning Activities

Created by a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, parent coach, author on toddler development, and mom


Practical and doable even during a busy day. No need to carve out a chunk of time to "do activities".


Provide exactly the kind of developmental stimulation toddlers need - while being enjoyable too! 


Strike a balance of what your child needs - including building those "hidden skills" that many other activity guides miss.

Mom guilt ends here...

Do you have long lists of activities that you wish you can do with your toddler someday? But you feel guilty because you keep putting them off.

Instead, you'll...

Spend your time actually enjoying with your toddler, instead of planning and preparing

End "power struggles" that come with trying to get your toddler to do activities they don't enjoy

Stop feeling that you're doing something wrong or that your child is missing out, because you know you're following a science-backed plan

No longer stressed about activities

I love how there's always a learning opportunity in every activity. We've changed how we plan our child's activities and how we manage as parents. Things are more free-flowing, simpler and less expensive. 

toddler mom
Saved me so much time

I used to worry a lot about whether my child is learning enough and whether I'm doing enough. I spent a lot of time searching for activities and printing worksheets. I'm amazed at how I don't even have to prepare activities anymore. 

toddler mom
Frequently Asked Questions
  • There are thousands of free toddler activities on the internet. Why do I need this?
    That's exactly the problem! With thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of toddler activities on the internet, it's difficult to know which ones will be right for your toddler.

    In contrast, I've specially selected the activities in these guides, so they're right for toddlers.

    Another difference that moms have reported is that these activities don't "get old". With many common activities from the internet, many typically try them once, then they need to keep searching more more activities. In contrast, the activities here don't "get old". They can be done over and over again - and kids (and parents!) continue to enjoy them!
  • These activities are for kids at what age?
    These are specially made for kids 1-3 years old. Many of the activities can actually be done at any age - so some of them are suitable even for younger or older kids. These are indicated in the guides.
  • Do I actually have time to do these?
    That's what's so great about these. Unlike most toddler activities on the internet that need a lot of materials and preparation, almost all the activities require no preparation at all. Many of them are designed to be done throughout your regular routine, during a busy day. You won't need to carve out a chunk of time in your schedule for "activities".
  • What if my child has special needs?
    These activities can help children of all abilities. However, they do not replace therapy or any intervention that may have been recommended by your medical care providers.
  • What's included here?
    You'll get a set of activity guides, so you don't even have to dig up the activities on the course platform for you to start enjoying them. Anytime you're stumped with an idea, simply open up a guide and enjoy!

    The guides include both ideas for independent play, and also plenty of ideas for play with other people (such as with you or others taking care of your child).

    You also get short, actionable videos about stress-free toddler activities and boosting your child's brain development.

    You also get access to an exclusive students-only Facebook group where you can get support from a community of like-minded moms.

    This product is delivered fully online. You will not get any physical products shipped to you.
  • I already have your 45 Stress-Free Toddler Activities / Learning Through Play course / Easy Toddler Activities. Do I still need this?
    If you enjoyed our free guide to 45 Stress-Free Toddler Activities, you'll love this product! You'll get many more of the same activities you're already enjoying.

    This is the same product as the Easy Toddler Activities (it's just been renamed). These are also already included with your purchase of the Learning Through Play course. So if you have either of these products, you don't need this one.

    If you don't have the course yet and decide to purchase it later on, let us know and we'll deduct the cost of this bundle from your enrollment. So you can get this bundle now - and it's easy to upgrade to the course later!
  • Do I need to have a big playroom, lots of toys, or other kids to be able to use these activities?
    No! Most of these activities are designed to be done at home, and don't need a playroom. Many of the activities don't need any toys at all. There is also a mix of independent play and interactive play. Most of the interactive play ideas are designed to be done with a parent, caregiver or other adult.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Due to the digital nature of this product, and the huge discount, there will be no refunds once the purchase has been made. If you have any concerns about the product or have any issues, contact us and we'll help you.
Ready to save hours and have fun while connecting with your child?
Save hours of your time, while ditching stress, guilt, and frustration. Grab 250+ Fun Toddler Learning Activities for only $69.

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Add 50+ Sensory Play Activities for Toddlers

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Many "sensory play" ideas on the internet actually only develop one of your child's senses (light touch). But play isn't about making your child touch things in sensory bins. It's so much more than that - and so much easier too!

Experience for yourself how the right kind of sensory play can help with your child's behavior and boost brain development

Here, you'll get 50+ activities + video masterclass to help you develop all your child's senses in a fun and easy way.

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