Learning Through Play

Help your child build the skills they need, in a fun and easy way - without exhausting you.

Boost your toddler's learning and brain development 
"Truly grateful for this course."

This course is a wonderful investment. I find myself going back to the modules every now and then for a refresher. :) I’m very happy to say that my daughter (2-1/2 yo) is growing and developing beautifully. She's a big talker with quite an impressive vocabulary, a quick learner and shows empathy. She's very active and loves sports too!


Do you feel as if you're doing so much as a parent, and yet it never seems enough?
Many parents tell me they feel like they’re doing so much, and at the same time… they worry it’s not enough. They’re tired… and yet they feel like they haven’t even scratched the surface of what their child needs to thrive. 
I want you to know this - you ARE enough. Your kids are blessed to have you as their parent. 

I know on those long days (like the ones where your child's tantrums make you feel like having one yourself!), it might not feel like it. But it’s true. 
Parenting isn’t easy. Figuring out how to help your child learn and grow educationally and socially can be overwhelming (to say the least). 
Maybe you’ve scoured the internet for activities or lessons that your child needs right now. That will meet them where they are and help them grow at the appropriate, research-based pace.

But before you can say “they aren’t even in kindergarten yet”, you’re barraged with unsolicited advice, blog posts, and programs (not backed by data) that tell you your kid should be reading practically the moment they come out of the womb. 
It’s a lot to take in, especially when you’re already wondering if you’re doing enough. 
For the past few years, I’ve been working with small groups of parents who want to help their child develop on pace with what up-to-date research says they should be learning, not only cognitively, but socially too. 
Through the Learning Through Play program, busy parents like you have learned how to accomplish more by doing less (which is perfect for toddler parents - it can get pretty tiring out there!)
Learning Through Play will help you....
Supercharge your child's learning - and yet do it in an easy way, at the right pace.

You'll decipher what your toddler needs to learn right now (and it’s not as difficult as what the internet says!).

Together, we'll remove a lot of pressure and guilt, empower you to have more joyful parenting experiences, and help your child grow and thrive.

You'll know what to do so that your child learns in an easy, fun way that meets their needs - without exhausting you.

Stop feeling pressured to "entertain" and constantly provide activities for your child.
You'll get our step-by-step and practical framework, and 150+ activities you can do with your toddler, so you’re never stumped on what to do next.

You'll be able to reduce the amount of toys and programs that your child really doesn’t need right now - and reclaim time and energy for yourself too.
Connect with your child.

Research shows that connections and relationships are THE foundation of a child's brain development. THIS is what's missing with many toddler learning programs.

That's why this program will help you truly connect with your child. You'll see your child light up with happiness - everyday, even as a busy parent. Without spending money on new toys, or spending hours preparing special events and surprises.

My child is actually turning three soon, and yet I still found the course relevant. 
I was interested in the course because I had the classic mom guilt of being a working parent. So I would compensate by trying to enroll my child in classes and printed a ton of worksheets so we have something to do. 
Your course made me realize we don't need to stress so much about our toddlers. I've been sharing the ideas with my husband too.  

So now, we've made changes in how we plan our child's activities and how we manage as parents. Things are more free-flowing, simpler, and less expensive

I love how the course is backed by science, so it's credible and definitive. I love how it talked not only about my child's well-being but about mine too as a parent.


I can't thank you enough, especially with the plethora of internet noise about toddler development. Thank God I found this! 

Honestly, I was hesitant at first, because I had already bought another course. But your course is worth every penny! 

I wish I had this back when my baby was six months old. I could have saved a lot on his toys.


Wonderful and helpful! I appreciate that you share your own struggles as a toddler mom. It's so relatable. I'm learning to trust my mom instinct instead of what social media says my toddler should be doing. You are an encouragement!


I've been where you are - struggling with worry and self-doubt. I want it to be easier for you.
As a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, I thought parenting would be a breeze. But I was wrong! 

I second guessed myself and felt inadequate. I got FOMO at all the shiny objects being marketed to parents. Fortunately, my mentors in developmental and behavioral pediatrics reminded me to go back to our professional training. To what the evidence says. 

That's how I found peace and calm in parenting. 

I want to help you do the same. Give you YOUR safe space. Where you're safe from misleading information. From judgment and criticism. From messages that are only stressing you out.

Together, we'll remove what's not working for you and what science has shown to be unnecessary, so you can focus on what's truly important. And have the time and energy to be the parent you've always dreamed of being.
Imagine never having to ...

experience "power struggles" over getting your toddler to complete worksheets or do "learning activities"

spend 30 minutes planning and preparing for activities that keep your child occupied for only 5 minutes

feel guilt or even exhaustion just seeing what others are doing to teach their kids, or seeing all the ads for "toddler learning" that are popping up all over your Facebook feed

put off your child's learning and development for "someday when there's more time"

Instead, imagine your child smiling, talking, and bubbling over with curiosity. 

Whether it's meal time, toothbrushing time, stuck-in-traffic time, or waiting-at-the-grocery-counter time - you know your child is always learning. You know the fun and easy way to use everyday moments to your advantage, without overthinking or stressing about it in any way.

Maybe your child goes to a toddler class for an hour or two. Maybe you also go to work. Or maybe both you and your toddler spend the day together. Whichever your arrangement is, you provide what your child needs for optimal development.

At the end of the day, your child gives you a tight hug and excitedly recounts the day you've had. As you feel those soft cheeks pressed against yours, your toddler says, "I love you mommy. Thank you." 

You tell your family about that cute and really insightful comment your child made. They share in your delight and smile about how your child is blossoming before everyone's eyes.

This is the kind of day we'll help you have through the Learning Through Play program. 

Have you been wondering...

What does my toddler need to learn?

What can I do at home, so they're ready for when they need to go to school?

What should I do with my toddler all day?!

Is my toddler getting enough social interaction?

How can I help my child learn to get along with others?

How can I help my toddler learn at the right pace… without completely overwhelming myself?

If you've been worried about any of , then Learning Through Play was made for you.
Meet Your Guide

It's my mission to help you find joy and confidence during your child's early years.

Brain and developmental science + positive parenting + mindset and confidence work
Dr. Victoria Ang-Nolasco is the author of "Toddler Talking: Boost Your Child's Brain Development in Three Easy Steps", founder of Effective Parenting Academy, host of the Discerning Parenting podcast, parent coach for play, behavior, and language and literacy development.

Her background is in developmental and behavioral pediatrics. She has taught at university and medical school on pediatrics and brain psychology, and is a frequent resource person at seminars and conventions.

She is a certified provider of the Zero to Three Supporting Language and Literacy Development, Triple P Positive Parenting, and neurodevelopmental care. She has also trained in developmental play and the Montessori method for early childhood (not just for her work but for her own child too!).

She helps parents not just with scientific parenting strategies, but also helps build the mindset and confidence to actually implement them.
What's inside Learning Through Play?

Learning Through Play is a self-paced online course for parents (and others taking care of toddlers) where you'll get a science-backed method for your child's learning from age 1-3 years. 

You'll receive the training, resources, support, and community you need. So that within the next 30 days or less, you'll experience for yourself how much easier and more enjoyable it is to help your child learn

Step 1

You'll discover where your child is right now, and how to use this knowledge to take the stress and guilt out of what you should be teaching your child.

By the end of this step, you'll be able to remove at least 3 reasons for mom guilt - and reclaim at least an hour a day of your time.

Step 2

Using our signature ACTIVE Method for Learning Through Play, you'll be able to maximize your child's learning and development - with just some tweaks to what you're already doing anyway, without taking on any busy work. 

You'll focus on what science shows your child needs, so you achieve more by doing less.

Step 3

You'll get easy, practical, and developmentally appropriate play activities for your child's holistic development.

You'll be able to help your child gain skills in movement, language, and literacy (the building blocks for learning to read). You'll also build cognitive, social and emotional learning - even as a busy parent!

Module 1: Remove stress and add fun to learning
Does your child really need to start memorizing the alphabet? What should your child be able to do? How can we give our kids the best start? Here are just some of what you'll be able to do after this part.

Break myths about child development that make life harder for moms, so you avoid needless "power struggles" and feel less stress and more calm.

Harness the latest discoveries in brain science to make your child's learning both more fun and effective at the same time.

Truly connect with your child using a quick method you can use even as a busy parent, so you build the brain connections your child needs - and create happy moments too!

Module 2: Supercharge your child's learning
We'll show you our unique ACTIVE Method for Learning Through Play.

This method is designed to work with your situation and what you're already doing anyway. You don't need to wait for "someday when there's more time", or for when you can set up the "perfect learning environment".

Here's just some of what you'll discover:

The one thing your toddler is already doing that actually supercharges learning, but many people miss out on because they think it should be stopped

One simple, magical thing you can do in ten minutes to make your child smarter, healthier, happier, and better able to cope with stress (Sounds too good to be true? It's not! There's actual scientific research to back this up.)

The secret to never running out of activities for your toddler. Finally get off the hamster wheel of just trying to make it through each minute until your toddler decides to take a nap.

Why research shows that children become less creative as they grow older - and what to do so that you enhance (instead of suppress) the skills and creativity your child has.

Managing screen time the guilt-free way.

Module 3: Play for Holistic Development
You'll discover how to use the five core types of play to build your child's whole brain step by step

Young kids learn the most at home. This is why you'll use this whether or not your child goes to daycare or a toddler class. 

Here's just some of what you'll get:

THE time-tested and proven way to good health and enhanced brain development

3 things your toddler needs to learn to talk (and what to do if your family speaks more than one language at home)

The no-tears way to prepare for writing and drawing

10 strategies to build the "hidden skills" that research shows are essential for success

The right time and the easy way to introduce academic skills

Get these bonuses too
You'll also get these bonuses:

150+ Toddler Learning Activities

50+ Fun and Easy, No-Prep Sensory Play Ideas

30+ Ways to Teach School-Ready Skills

90+ Activity Printables specially curated for you

100+ Ideas to Connect with Your Kids

Activity Journal + Milestone and Learning Tracker

Prepare Your Child For Reading with Reading Intervention Specialist Teacher Natasha Mendoza

Exclusive students-only Facebook group, so you have a safe space to get the support and encouragement you need

NEW BONUS ADDED! FREE MONTH inside the Discerning Parent's Club

Once again, here's everything you're getting if you join today.
Learning Through Play will help you take the stress out of teaching your child, so you parent with joy and confidence.

Remove Stress and Add Fun to Toddler Learning (Value $97)

Boost Your Child's Learning (Value: $97)

Your Child's Holistic Learning (Motor, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Social, Emotional) (Value: $197)

150+ Toddler Learning Activities (Value $97)

50+ Fun and Easy, No-Prep Sensory Play Ideas (Value $47)

90+ Activity Printables specially curated for you (Value $47)

30+ Ways to Build School-Ready Skills (Value $27)

Activity Journal + Milestone and Learning Tracker (Value $27)

Prepare Your Child For Reading with Reading Intervention Specialist Teacher Natasha Mendoza (Value $47)

Exclusive students-only Facebook group, so you have a safe space to get the support and encouragement you need (Value $97)

SPECIAL BONUS: 100+ Ideas to Connect with Your Kids (Value $27)

FREE MONTH in the Discerning Parent's Club (Value $19)

Join Learning Through Play today for only $826 $197 (payment plan available)
Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you decide if Learning Through Play is right for you?

  • How do I know whether Learning Through Play is for me?
    If you have a baby, toddler, or child who is 3 years and below, this was specially made for you. The mom who is asking, "What should I be teaching my toddler?" Who is always trying to do her best but always feeling like it is still never enough.

    This will work, even if:

    ✔️ you're not sure how to even start playing with your child
    ✔️ you've tried activities or other courses before that didn't work

    I want you to know that you ARE enough. I want you to have the confidence and remove the mom guilt when someone comments on what you should be doing, or when you see what other moms are doing. You will soon have this confidence based on actual scientific evidence.

    If you have a child with special needs, or if you suspect your child may have developmental delays, you should consult your pediatrician. While this course can help, children with delays need individualized programs that are beyond the scope of this course.
  • What if I already enrolled my toddler in school? Will this help me?
    Yes! Moms have used the principles in this course even if their toddlers are enrolled in school.
  • What makes Learning Through Play different from the toddler play and activity guides all over the internet?
    Since this course is taught by a mom and parent coach who is also a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, everything is based on an accurate understanding of toddler development.

    In contrast, many toddler activity guides on the internet:
    ❌ push toddlers to do too much too soon, leaving moms (and kids) stressed and frustrated
    ❌ are too complicated for a toddler to actually complete
    ❌ focus only on things like reading, tracing, arts and crafts, or "sensory" play
    ❌ neglect what science shows to be the most critical skills for the toddler years

    The course also introduces the ACTIVE Method™, which is based on the most reliable and up-to-date scientific knowledge on early childhood development.

    This course is based on both personal experience as a parent and professional experience working with patients and their families, so you get a practical method to guide you step by step.

    After this course, you can get off the hamster wheel of doing Google or Pinterest searches for "toddler activities", preparing, trying them out, and getting exhausted over and over again.

    And if you still decide to search, you'll know how to choose among the thousands of options that you see.
  • Is this a toddler homeschooling course?
    Many toddler homeschooling courses are based on curriculums for older kids, slightly modified for the toddler years. That's why they are so complicated.

    Also, many of them are adapted from programs that are actually meant for a school setting, with an entire class of kids and a full staff of teachers and teaching assistants. How many of us moms have that at home?!

    In contrast, this is designed from the ground up to be implemented at home, even with just one child. It teaches how to do both interactive and independent play, so it fits the demands of toddler mom life.

    Your toddler does NOT need a homeschooling course (or any other curriculum for that matter). There is plenty of time for that later. After going through this course, you will have the confidence to skip the curriculums, the online classes, and the fancy toys - without the guilt that your child is missing out.

    This course is a way to treasure your child's toddler years while having fun. To teach your child at home, in a way that is relaxed AND is also very effective.

    However, if you still decide to get a homeschooling program, you CAN use the program along with this course. You'll also receive guidance about choosing the right program and activities.
  • Is this Montessori?
    The term "Montessori" is often misused on the internet, with so many people saying that this or that is "Montessori" or "not Montessori". I see moms stressing over this in mom groups.

    This course is consistent with the actual, original writings of Maria Montessori. You'll also find this so much EASIER to use compared to many online Montessori courses.
  • I barely have time to go to the bathroom. Will I have time for this?
    I know how busy you are! That's why I've made it so you can get through this course in as little as 10-20 minutes every day.

    Each module is divided into short lessons and will give you a quick win that you can implement right away.

    You can binge watch all the lessons in one sitting, or watch one lesson a day. Whatever works for your mommy sked! You have LIFETIME access to the course, so you can refer back to it whenever you need to.

    Also, once you start implementing the lessons, you'll actually have MORE time on your hands. You'll know what you can remove from among your long list of things to do as a mom.
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    You have LIFETIME access to the course and bonuses. This way, you can watch whenever it's convenient for you. There's no pressure to keep up with a schedule.

    You also have 3 months access to community support in the students-only Facebook group.
  • What is your refund policy?
    From the time you enroll, if you feel that the course is not a right fit for you, email us within fourteen (14) days and we'll give you a refund.
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2. Dr. Victoria Ang-Nolasco will not diagnose or treat any developmental disorders as part of this Program.
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