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Positive Parenting for Better Behavior and Mental Wellness

a 3-day live virtual seminar series based on the Triple P Positive Parenting Program

Improve your child's mental health and build happier relationships using the science-backed Triple P Positive Parenting Program.
Are you struggling to handle your child's behavior? Do they seem angry or anxious? Is it affecting relationships in the family? 

Are you working harder than ever to meet your child's needs, but you still feel exhausted and powerless to improve their struggles? 

This seminar series based on the Triple P Positive Parenting Program will help you manage misbehavior, protect your child's mental health, and prevent unnecessary conflicts.
As a parent, you have a lot to handle.

Maybe you're struggling with challenges like...


getting frustrated easily

low self-esteem

possible signs of depression

setting boundaries in parenting

You desperately want to help your child, but have doubts on how to do it. 

Maybe you've been trying the gentle parenting advice you hear, but instead you lost your temper - then felt immense guilt about it.

Maybe people have blamed you for your child's behavior. Maybe you've been told you're "coddling" your child - and you're starting to wonder whether they're right.

You know deep down things can be better, and you're ready to discover how to get there.

Picture this instead...

Your child is showing better self-esteem and joy in their daily life.

When your child misbehaves, you understand why, and you have clear strategies to respond.

You help your child feel more confident and resilient.

You and your child are happier.

You have moments of laughter and hugs on a regular basis.

Your child is growing socially and emotionally.

You can stop feeling guilty about criticism on your parenting.

Let's get you the support that you need!
Positive Parenting for Better Behavior and Mental Wellness is a live virtual seminar given by developmental and behavioral pediatrician and certified positive parenting coach Dr. Victoria Nolasco. 

This seminar series will run on the following dates. Your enrollment includes access to ALL 3 sessions!

Here's the schedule for the US time zones:

Day 1: Friday, April 28 

Day 2: Saturday, April 29 

Day 3: Sunday, April 30

All sessions will be at 6 pm Pacific Time / 9 pm Eastern Time.

If you're in Asia/Australia, the seminar series will be the day after (April 29/30/May 1 at 9 am Singapore/Manila/AWST or 10 am Japan/Korea). 

Here's what you'll get in each session:

60 minutes packed with practical strategies that you can use right away

a 30-minute live Q&A

6 months of access to the replays

BONUS: 6 months of access to the Effective Parenting Academy students-only Facebook group

You'll also be the first to hear about my upcoming coaching programs.

Here's what you'll discover in this series:
Day 1: The Power of Positive Parenting
In this session, you'll discover how the right kind of positive parenting is the best way to raise happy and healthy children.

You'll discover how positive parenting can help your child have stronger mental health, so they get along better with others and do better at school.
Day 2: Raising Competent and Confident Children
We'll talk about helping kids learn to:

build confidence and self-esteem

make friends

communicate respectfully

problem solve

be more independent

Day 3: Raising Resilient Children
Feel like your kids get frustrated or give up easily?

Or struggle with emotional regulation?

You'll love this session, where you'll discover how to...

raise emotionally resilient children who can bounce back from setbacks and try again

help your child handle stress and emotions in a healthy way

develop your child's coping skills

empower your child, so you parent with less stress and more calm

We'll talk about things like...

Discipline strategies that don't involve criticism, threats, or punishment

How to help a child who's easily frustrated, or who's been labelled "rude" or "uncooperative"

Helping kids make friends

Protecting your child's mental health

and more!

Hold on. Who's giving this seminar?

Hi! I'm Dr. Victoria Ang-Nolasco. I'm a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, parent coach, author, host of the Discerning Parenting podcast, licensed provider of the Triple P Positive Parenting Program - and a mom. 

 I'm offering this Positive Parenting for Better Behavior and Mental Wellness Seminar Series for parents of kids age 12 and below.

Whether your kids are on track in their development, or there might be conditions such as language delay, autism, or ADHD - this can help. 

Please note that if there are concerns about mental health or development, this seminar is NOT a replacement for getting an assessment or intervention if appropriate. But it will support the interventions you’re already getting. Or if you’re still waiting for a slot to see a professional, this seminar will get you started on what to do in the meantime. 


This seminar series is based on the Triple P Positive Parenting Program, which has 700+ research studies from all over the world to show that it actually works, with real families, in real life

You’ll learn science-backed strategies that you can adapt to your family’s needs, so they are practical and they work for you even if you’re a busy parent.

Research-proven results from the Triple P Positive Parenting Program

More than 740 research studies from 37 countries around the world have shown that the Triple P Positive Parenting Program works. Here are just some of the research findings.

Triple P reduces problem behavior in children and improves parents' wellbeing and parenting skills.

Parents using Triple P say they are less stressed, less depressed and don't use harsh discipline.

Triple P reduced disruptive child behavior problems in Chinese families.

In communities where Triple P is widely available, children have fewer behavioral and emotional problems.

Parents of children with autism spectrum disorders using Triple P report they are more satisfied as parents, their children's behavior has improved, and their relationship with their partner is better.

Enroll in the Positive Parenting for Better Behavior and Mental Wellness Seminar Series

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What happens after I purchase?
    After you purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email. A week before the seminar series starts, you will receive a Zoom link to attend the seminar live. Three days after the seminar series is completed, you'll also receive access to the seminar replays through our online course platform. You'll have access to the replays for six months.
  • What if I can't attend live?
    I know that as a parent, we can't always control when we'll be available! Life happens. That's why you get 6 months access to the seminar recordings, so you can go back and watch whenever you want to and whenever it works for your schedule.

    You can also send in your questions beforehand through email if there's something you'd like to get answered during the Q&A.
  • What if my child is already a teenager?
    While parents of teenagers can still pick up a lot of useful strategies, this seminar is specifically for parents of kids who are age 12 and below.
  • Can I sign up for only 1 or 2 days?
    I know you'll be able to pick up many strategies you can use on all 3 days, so you don't want to miss them!

    At this very low price, you get access to ALL 3 days. Even if you can attend only one of the days live, you'll get 6 months access to the replays.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    This seminar is backed not just by personal experience and stories, but by hundreds of research studies from all over the world! But if after the first day (April 29), you feel this seminar isn't right for you, send us an email and we'll refund your enrollment fee.

It's my mission to help overwhelmed parents with practical tools that can make a positive change in your lives.
There's so much misinformation out there. Many expensive programs promise results but are not based on actual evidence.
There are also many people who may have good intentions, but make hurtful or misinformed comments. 
My dream is to help parents see through the chaos and discover proven, science backed methods that work with your child’s developmental needs. 

I'm confident that if you look into what evidence says really works for raising competent, resilient children, you CAN achieve stronger personal relationships with your family members and experience less stress in your daily life! 
Interested? Sign up to learn all about it! 
Can't wait to see you in the seminars! 
Dr. Victoria