Stress-free potty training

Stop feeling frustrated when the "100% effective potty training method" isn't working for you. 

With our Potty Training Playbook on-demand video course, you get step-by-step guidance that's science-backed, practical and flexible.

Wouldn't it be amazing if potty training your child can be...

Enjoyable for both you and your child, without tears, frustration, or power struggles.

Achieved without expensive equipment, punishment, or complicated methods such as tracking every poop or pee.

Done in a way that is right for your child, without forcing them to conform to a rigid method.

Maybe you've read a book (or two!) about potty training. Or spent hours Googling "how to potty train".

But the information you get just leaves you more confused.

You've heard, "You need to wait for readiness!" But you also heard, "It's not true that you need to wait. The earlier you potty train, the better!"

Not to mention guides that promise you'll be able to potty train your child "in a weekend" or "in 30 days"?! (But it's already been way more than 30 days and your child isn't potty trained yet - making you feel like you're failing as a parent.)

We want to make this clear - If that "100% effective" potty training method isn't working for you, it's not your fault and this doesn't mean you're failing. It's not because you "didn't try hard enough" or you're "not consistent enough".

That's why we created the Potty Training Playbook - to save you (and your child) from stress, frustration, and feelings of failure.

Instead, you'll build connection, trust, and confidence.

What's different about the Potty Training Playbook

This course was created by a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, child development textbook author, and mom.


We've taken evidence-based strategies and made them practical for you as a busy parent.


We respect your child's development, instead of forcing them to follow some arbitrary timeline.


We acknowledge there's no one size fits all - and we show you how to adapt the strategies to your needs and situation.

Here's what you'll discover...

Why there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to potty training

How to know when your child is ready

How to explain potty training to your child, so they understand what's going on

Dealing with challenges like constipation or toileting refusal

Day vs night potty training, and why a lot of the advice on night potty training can leave you more stressed

Building your child's self-esteem while potty training

Considerations for children with different abilities

What moms are saying...
Recognized that all kids are different

This course was so reassuring for me. It recognized that all kids are different. It's very informative especially for a first-time mom like me. 

mom of a child with autism
Guided me step by step

The speaker was knowledgeable and easy to understand. I love how I'm now guided step by step.

mom of a toddler

About Your Instructor
Janys Lim, MD
Dr. Janys is a developmental and behavioral pediatrician in Ontario, Canada, where she is also assistant professor for the departments of pediatrics and psychiatry. 

She is co-author of a textbook on developmental pediatrics. She has extensive experience helping children of all abilities develop the skills they need - including potty training.

More than that, as a mom, she understands the struggles and frustrations (and the joys!) that come with it.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • There are so many potty training guides on the internet. Why do I need this?
    That's exactly the problem! With all the potty training guides on the internet, it's difficult to know which ones will be right for your toddler.

    In contrast, this course is both backed by science - AND flexible. So you won't be pressured to follow one single method that claims to be "100% effective" but may or may not work for you.

    Another difference that moms have reported is that these activities don't "get old". With many common activities from the internet, many typically try them once, then they need to keep searching more more activities. In contrast, the activities here don't "get old". They can be done over and over again - and kids (and parents!) continue to enjoy them!
  • But I don't have time to take an online course!
    If you're here, you've probably already spent a lot of time researching about potty training. Save yourself hours of your time - not to mention the frustration and feeling that you've failed when you try different methods and they don't work for you.

    We've designed this course specifically with busy parents in mind. This is why our course has a special feature - we have an "abbreviated" version and a "full" version!

    The abbreviated version has a total of 30 minutes of video, divided into short lessons you can watch or listen to even when you have only five minutes.

    The full version has a total of 2 hours of video, in case you want to go into more detail about any of the lessons. It also includes a segment where we answer frequently asked questions.
  • What if my child has special needs?
    In the course, we do talk about potty training children of all abilities. However, this course does not replace therapy or any intervention that may have been recommended by your medical care providers.
  • What's included here?
    You'll get short, actionable videos about potty training. We start with mindset and expectations - so we all get on the same page. We then go on to the methods.

    You also get access to an exclusive students-only Facebook group where you can get support from a community of like-minded moms.

    This product is delivered fully online. You will not get any physical products shipped to you.
  • Do I need to buy special equipment for this course to work?
    No! Other than the potty your child will use, you won't need any special equipment.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    We're confident you'll love the course. If you go through the course and feel you haven't learned anything new, email us within fourteen (14) days and we'll refund your enrollment.
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