Transform your child's reading journey, and help them learn to read in a fun and stress-free way
Join the other parents using evidence-based, proven techniques to build their child's reading skills. 

Set your child up for reading success for years to come - without the power struggles (No more shouts of "I won't I won't I won't do it!" over worksheets!).
With the Parent Teaches Reading Coaching Program, you can help your child can enjoy learning and do better in school, with both of you enjoying it!

Last year, I was worried that my kids missed out on learning during their formative years because of the pandemic. As a working mom, I also felt guilty because I believed back then that I wasn't being "intentional" enough in their learning.

To be honest, at the start what I thought I wanted was a lesson plan, with lessons I can do and check off each day. 

But what I got was much more than that. Immediately, I felt the pressure lightening up. It was not just about strategies, but also encouragement and support.

Even if my kids are now happy in school - (and the older one has already learned to read), I still continue to use what I learned.

mom of two
Do you constantly struggle with teaching your child to read?
Let me tell you about Elena, a hardworking mom, and her son Matt. 
When Matt was 1, she started teaching him letters. He was fussy and didn’t make any progress. Elena wondered, “Is it too early?” but friends and family were putting pressure on her. She kept trying and pushing more activities. 

 He hated it. When Matt turned two, he still wasn’t practicing his letters without kicking and screaming. 

 She worked and he went to school. He was unhappy with the schoolwork. Neighbors and strangers would shake their heads when they hear him argue with her on their way to school each day. She felt so embarrassed. 

 To add to Elena's pressure, it feels like other kids in Matt's class are already reading entire words. Elena wonders, “Am I not trying hard enough? I just want the best for him - why can't he see that? What went wrong?!” 

 How do you set your child up for reading success at such a young age - without it resulting in frustration or tantrums? 
If you have a young child, you may have similar questions. 

 Perhaps you’re confused about all the conflicting advice out there, like letting your child play vs. teaching them to be productive. You might wonder, “When should my child be reading?” or "What lessons does my child need right now?" 

 You have all these hopes and dreams for your child. But trying to help them read is a burdensome chore and you just don’t have the energy for it… 


 There ARE effective approaches to teaching your children to read. It IS possible to lower your stress while preparing them to do better in school.  

You can let your child BE a child AND learn foundational reading skills. 

 Imagine sitting down with your child to look at books and both of you LOVING it! 

Picture playing with them, and also knowing it’s the best use of your time together. 

Imagine the peace of mind you would feel having a solid game plan to help teach your child to read using science-backed methods. 
 Wouldn’t it be great to have a path to follow that can help a child - with any learning style - learn to read successfully?!
With the Parent Teaches Reading program, you'll...

Focus your time and energy on what's truly needed to get your child to thrive in learning, instead of wasting time on activities that will only frustrate you without adding to your child's learning

Build a stronger connection with your child, because the activities you do together are developmentally appropriate and enjoyable for both of you (no more fighting over letters and cutouts!)

Be supported through difficulties you may face in helping your child learn to read

Get science-backed and easy-to-implement teaching tools to build your child’s reading foundation, so they feel more confident in school and enjoy reading too

You can do this.
You might be thinking “I don’t have time for this. I’m not a teacher- I’ll just leave it up to the teachers.” But don’t doubt yourself. As the parent, you actually ARE your child’s best teacher. 

If you've been trying to help your child learn to read but it hasn't been working for you, it's NOT your fault. 

Many reading programs out there are not based on how the brain actually works in learning to read! They leave out important steps, push the wrong skills way too early, or teach things in the wrong order. (For example, learning the alphabet is NOT the first step in teaching kids to read!)

You can learn simple strategies to help your child learn to read. You don’t need to be an expert or hours of free time everyday to try this.

The Parent Teaches Reading Program is designed to help kids become motivated, well-rounded learners. This program uses a combination of scientific strategies for learning to read, positive parenting tools, and a foundation of child development.
Hear what our students have to say:
"It has helped [my child] so much in her confidence level and even the way that she learns."

“ [The Parent Teaches Reading Program] has helped [my child] so much in her confidence level and even the way she learns.”

~Diana L. (mother of a 2-year-old)

"There was less frustration on my part as a parent."

“I think the biggest result from taking the course was [my child] being able to name all the letters of the alphabet as well as try to read words on their own. In addition, my youngest can understand stories and ask questions. Reading is a fun activity for them. I love how there were different approaches on how to read based on my kids' ages. There was also less frustration on my part as a parent because it made me understand how to help my child learn how to read. ”

~Kartini L. (mother to 3 kids age 4, 7, and 12)

Meet the mom coaches who will be guiding you.
Dr. Victoria Ang-Nolasco and Tasha Reyes-Mendoza are childhood friends who are now working together to create the Parent Teaches Reading Coaching Course. Their mission is to empower parents to help their children learn to read in the right way, at the right time. 
As kids, Victoria and Tasha used to stand on chairs to talk to each other over the low wall between their homes. Before long, Tasha moved away and they lost touch - until they bumped into each other at a developmental pediatrics convention.

The Parent Teaches Reading Program is a work of love from these two moms who also bring their professional experience to help you.
More About Dr. Victoria

Dr. Victoria is a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, positive parenting coach, and mom of a young child.  

As a child, despite doing well in school, she remembers feeling anxious and experiencing health problems due to the immense pressure. She saw similar effects in many kids who are labelled as "lazy" or "underachievers" - but mostly lacked the right kind of support when it comes to reading.

Through the Parent Teaches Reading Program, she aims to help parents set the stage so kids can learn with joy and confidence.

More About Teacher Tasha
Teacher Tasha Reyes-Mendoza is a reading intervention specialist with over a decade of experience helping children learn to read. 

 She has taught hundreds of children including students with dyslexia, reading delays, and reading disorders. She has seen firsthand the pain caused for parents and kids dealing with literacy problems. 

Teacher Tasha is the Director of the Center for Reading Assessment and Intervention (CRAIN Philippines). She is also a teacher’s teacher. She co-developed a course for teachers about how to teach reading thoroughly and responsibly.

The mom of four kids, Teacher Tasha left her successful corporate career so she can help her own child with a communication disability learn to read. She has taught all four of her own children to read and wishes the fulfillment and fun of reading success for all parents and children.
Here's just some of you can do with the Parent Teaches Reading program:

Become a calmer, empowered parent-teacher and understand your child

Help your child be a happier and more confident, and develop good learning habits

Build a stronger connection between you and your child

Know how to encourage your child without giving unhealthy pressure

Help your child not just memorize things, but actually learn how to learn - so they can be more independent in the future

Collaborate with your child's teachers and support your child's learning in school

Take this program wherever you go. At your own pace, at your own time, wherever you want. You'll also get coaching support from both a developmental pediatrician/parent coach and a reading intervention specialist - starting now, through the summer vacation, and start of the coming school year.

How does the Parent Teaches Reading Program work?

Most programs that promise to teach your child to read do one of two things:

  • give you a bunch of worksheets and videos then leave you on your own to figure it out

  • say that you're getting a "done for you" reading curriculum that "works for every child" - without recognizing that each child is unique and may have different learning styles.

In contrast, in the Parent Teaches Reading Program, we'll guide you step by step with two live coaching calls a month from June to September 2023

Yes, you get on-demand videos you can access anytime AND done-for-you learning materials too. 

BUT we don't leave you to figure it out on your own or push "learning activities" that aren't right for your child. Instead, we'll guide you on which ones are right for you.

Here's what we'll go through together in each coaching call. These are not lectures where you just sit and listen. If you can show up live, you'll actually get on the video and we'll do this together. (If you can't show up live, send us your questions beforehand and we'll get to them during the call.)

1 - Understand Your Child

Know your child's reading level 

Understand the reason behind any learning struggles your child may be facing, and how to use their unique strengths and learning styles to help them

Start on the right track, so your child is challenged in a healthy way but without pressure or frustration

2 - Build the Skills Your Child Needs Before Learning to Read

Understand how your child communicates

Build communication skills

Use play and Montessori activities to get started with literacy

3 - Your Set Up for Success

Your plan for building home literacy

Tips on choosing a school that's right for your child

Insights on traditional and Montessori learning

4 - Your Child's Learning Plan

Create a learning plan that's right for your child, so you don't waste time with worksheets or other activities that aren't right for you

Receive guidance on when and how to do the teaching activities

Know what to focus on first, so you don't feel overwhelmed

5 - Review and Troubleshooting

Review your child's progress

Address difficulties or roadblocks you may have encountered

Adapt strategies based on your situation

6 - Continue Supporting Your Child's Learning

Have a plan moving forward, so your child's progress doesn't stop even after the coaching ends

Review how your child is in school, if you decided to enroll your child (This call will take place after the start of the schoolyear.)

Gain insights on collaborating with others who support your child's learning, such as your child's teacher or tutor

7 - Celebration and Next Steps

Celebrate the milestones and progress your child has made

Get a clear path on what to focus on next

Build on the skills your child has gained

Depending on where your child is, you can choose from 3 tracks.

Regardless of which track you choose, you receive access to all the coaching calls. The only difference would be which self-paced videos and materials you get.

Each track includes access to the recorded, self-paced material for three years. You can go at your own pace and can check back in for refreshers as needed for when you might wish to teach your other kids to read.

If you're not sure which track to join, choose Track A. In case we later find out that your child is more suited to a different track, you can always switch later.

Track A: The Beginning Reader

Module 1:

Prerequisite skills your child needs before phoneme instruction

The what and why of phoneme awareness-the brain science of communication development

Module 2:

How to teach phoneme awareness

Easy-to-implement activities for solid instruction

Demo videos to make success a reality for all

Module 3:

How to build your child’s love of reading

Important book handling skills for this stage of learning

This track is best if:

It's the first time your child is having any reading lessons.

You've tried reading lessons before, but they didn't work and your child only got frustrated.

Track B: Learning the Alphabet

Module 1:

What is the alphabetic principle?

Prerequisite skills your child needs before alphabetic principle instruction

The reason it’s NOT good to start with this

Reading or Writing First? Both at the same time? The BEST way to teach print according to research

Module 2:

How to teach the alphabetic principle

Easy to implement activities -complete with printable alphabet flash cards and demo videos

Module 3:

Building a love for reading

New book handling skills for this stage of learning to read

Choose this track if:

Your child is familiar with vowel and consonant sounds

Your child shows an interest in learning the letters of the alphabet

Your child seems to have learned the letters but often forgets

Track C: Learning Word Reading

Module 1:

When do kids need to learn CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words?

Decoding- Watch their confidence grow!

Sight Reading- Pace yourselves-It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Prerequisite skills for word reading

Fill in the gaps: What will happen if we rush to this stage and miss out on the previous ones?

Module 2:

How to teach word reading- Let’s get specific!

Hands-on activities to increase word reading skills over time

Demo videos to make teaching a breeze

Module 3:

Build the love for reading

Book handling best practices for the word reading stage

Choose this track if:

Your child has mastered the letters of the alphabet and is ready to move on to reading CVC words and sight words

You can also upgrade to receive access to the materials for ALL 3 TRACKS! If you get all 3 tracks, you'll also receive bonus lessons on BUILDING READING FLUENCY and TEACHING WRITING SKILLS.

payment plans available
Best Value

payment plans available

Choose ONE of these tracks

Track A - Beginning Reading ($297)

Track B - Learning the Alphabet ($297)

Track C - Learning Word Reading ($297)

You'll get: 

  • the 12-week coaching program 
  • the self-paced videos and materials for your track
  • BONUS masterclass: Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties
  • invitation to join the Effective Parenting Academy students-only Facebook group

The Platinum Package includes ALL the tracks and extra bonuses for only $891 $397

For only $97 more, you'll get:

  • Everything included in the Gold Package + access to all 3 tracks
  • Building Reading Fluency (self-paced short course)
  • Building Writing Skills (self-paced short course)

Payment plans are available for both the Gold and Platinum Packages. Get started for as low as $79 today.

Here's what else is included:
Bonus 1
Masterclass: Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties

Understand conditions that may affect a child's learning, such as dyslexia or ADHD, and parenting interventions that can help

Bonus 2
An online learning community - value priceless

Make lasting connections with other like-minded parents so you can find support and know you’re in it together

Bonus 3
An online learning library - a $147 value

10 downloadable books created by teacher Tasha, as well as specially selected learning materials you can use to help your child learn

See what other students have to say:
Frequently Asked Questions

You like what you’re reading but still have some questions…

  • I would love to help my child learn to read, but what if I just don’t have the time?
    This is perfect for busy parents! In fact, ten minutes a day is the maximum time we recommend working on reading with your child, until they are old enough to read independently.
  • I don’t know the first thing about teaching. Can I really do this?
    You don’t need to be a teacher or a reading expert to help your child learn to read. All that is required is that you want to help and can be patient and encouraging! As you work your way through the modules, you will discover that the calm approach to teaching reading transfers to other parenting situations and can help you feel more confident and fulfilled as a parent overall. In other words, you CAN do this, and you WILL see progress in ways you may not even realize!
  • I don’t feel I’m great at speaking English. Can I still do a good job teaching my child? Wouldn't it be better to just have my child learn from people who are better at speaking English?
    Yes! The methods we teach have been shown to work in research studies that include parents who don't use English as their first language. Your relationship with your child - the foundation of all learning - is something that no one can replicate.
  • I haven’t started teaching my child. Is this program too advanced?
    This course is perfect for beginners. Unlike many other programs that rush things, skip steps, or teach things in the wrong order - so kids find it more difficult to learn - we start with foundational skills.
  • Is this course for children or for me?
    This course is for you, the parent. It will help you as the parent get clarity on best practices for reading instruction for your young child. It will also give you positive parenting methods to avoid unnecessary conflict and frustration.
  • We have already gone through programs that teach my child the alphabet. Will this course provide anything new for me?
    Teaching your child to read involves so much more than just learning letters. This course is head and shoulders above others because it lays the proper groundwork for learning a language and loving it. We’ve seen the problems caused by improper reading programs. You'll find new strategies and a stronger understanding and approach to teaching reading.
  • What time are your coaching calls?
    Our calls are on Saturdays at 10:30 am in Manila/Singapore time zones. If you're nearer the US, this would be Fridays the night before (7:30 pm Pacific time).

    All calls are recorded so you can watch them later (we may edit out some of the participants' sharing for privacy reasons, but you get all the teaching parts). You can also submit questions ahead of time so we can discuss them on the call, even if you can’t make it. You can then watch the replays when you have time.
  • Can you remind me again of what I get?
    You get access to 2x/month coaching calls with Dr. Victoria Nolasco, a parent coach and developmental and behavioral pediatrician, and Teacher Tasha Mendoza, a reading intervention specialist. You get 3 years access to replays of the coaching calls.

    You also get 3 years access to self-paced videos and instructional materials you can use on your own time, whenever it's convenient for you, using any device you own, as often as you want. You can choose to get access to one set that is where your child is now (track A, B, or C), OR upgrade to receive all our self-paced videos materials (all 3 tracks).
  • There's a lot of material in this course. Does my child have to learn it all within the next few months?
    No! Each child is different in how quickly they move through the stages. Don't rush your child to learn all of this quickly. That’s why you have 3 years of access to the course, so you can go at your child’s pace.
  • When will I get access to the training?
    After you enroll, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to access the course platform. You get immediate access to the self-paced videos - and we're updating them too!
  • How long will I have access to the course materials?
    Once you invest in the course, you will have access to all the materials for the next 3 years. This way, you won’t have to rush and you won’t be hurrying your child either. Move with patience, in a way that benefits your child. Use it for your other kids as well. You'll also get materials you can download and keep, or print them out and use them at home for as long as you like.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We stand behind this course and have seen these methods work for hundreds of students with a variety of learning challenges. If you try the course out and in the first 14 days decide it’s not right for you, we will refund your money. Simply email us at within the first two weeks.
  • What do I do if I have more questions?
    Have a question we didn’t answer? Send an email to and we'll get back to you in 2-3 days.
This Parent Teaches Reading Program is a right fit for you if:

You want to be the one to teach your child to read, you want to do it the sure way, following the science of reading, without stress, tears, or tantrums OR

You have tried other solutions like reading programs or tutoring, but they didn’t work for you

You might need parenting support from a developmental and behavioral pediatrician and reading specialist for your child's learning this summer or for the coming school year (this does NOT take the place of a consultation or intervention)

You want to connect with other like-minded parents who are interested in real results for their young children 

This is NOT for you if:

You’re not interested in connecting with your child over learning

You don’t want to be your child’s mentor or teacher

Your child is already reading fluently

Your child deserves the best learning experience from the best teacher, and that as the parent, is YOU. 

Reserve your space in the Parent Teaches Reading Program today. You’ll love feeling fulfilled as a parent and proud of your child’s growth.

Dear Parent...

The fact that you’re reading this means you care. You want the best for your child. Perhaps you want them ready for the best schools and that means helping them learn to read. Maybe you’ve tried teaching it before and encountered challenges, or perhaps you’re a new parent learning how to lay the foundation. Either way, we see you and are ready to assist you with this important task.

We’ve been there. We’ve witnessed the challenges and mental health issues that can result from fighting over lessons. We have resources that can help. We are confident you -and your child- can do it!

Wishing you joy, ease, and a love of reading,

Dr. Victoria and Teacher Tasha

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